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September 1, 2013
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Mighty No.9 - Support Keiji Inafune Project! by Tomycase Mighty No.9 - Support Keiji Inafune Project! by Tomycase
This morning, I heard about this new project, developed by Keiji Inafume : a comeback of the Megaman series, with a new name, with a new beginning, a new concept! And as fans, we can help this project to go further! :dance:

Click here to support this game and discover the new heir of the Blue Bomber, Mighty No.9! I'm counting on you! ^^/…

And enjoy the fanart too! =D
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Daily Deviation

Given 2013-09-14
Mighty No.9 - Support Keiji Inafune Project! by ~Tomycaseis an absolute fan service artwork that brings together the original Megaman and his spiritual successor Beck from Mighty No.9. It is almost impossible to see these two characters together eventhough its created by the same creator Keiji Inafume, so to have Tomycase draw them together in such beauty is just really awesome. ( Featured by Ry-Spirit )
DenchiEnch Jan 18, 2014  Student Interface Designer
what kind of drawing tablet would u recommend 
I don't know
euamodeus Jan 13, 2014  Student General Artist
Wohow, Tomycase! Your talent is truly amazing! The lights were perfectly placed, and colors, so vivid! This artwork give-me a good feeling of a well done job. The eyes seem to be very good, and the term of comparison between the two showing two great protagonists of two great games... Incredible. Wonderful. Awesome. Particulary, I am a big fan of Megaman and I'm supporting the idea of the Mighty No.9. For me, this art was one of the better I've seen so far! The background looks very good and the fact of transforming a character in anime and cartoon at the same, made ​​the stay much more art than amazing. Again, his talent is truly amazing! Loved this art!
Amazing art pics GOT TO LOVE MEGA MAN <3 
If by ANY slim chance Megaman makes a cameo appearance in this game, this is should be his design hands down! Good work! I do wonder what Roll would like in this form next to Call? :confident: Eh? Ehhhhhh?

But seriously though, this is fantastic! ^___^
We need more megaman!! :0
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